Gare au Jazz ~ MOHY / SLUIJS / LA ROCCA

sal la roccaMohy / Sluijs / La Rocca

Gare au Jazz

15.04.2015   20:30

Jazz Station – Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Pascal Mohy – piano / Ben Sluijs – saxophone / Sal La Rocca – contrebass


Cycle de concerts jazz organisés par Les Lundis d’Hortense ASBL chaque mercredi d’octobre à mai à 20h30 à la Jazz Station

Délicat trio composé du pianiste Pascal Mohy, du saxophoniste Ben Sluijs et du contrebassiste Sal La Rocca. Le trio revisite des classiques choisis avec soin et proposent quelques compositions originales. Leur musique délicate, très intimiste, est pimentée de swing.


About Pascal Mohy : Pascal Mohy, 31 years old in the year 2011, could have lived 75 years ago. Or even more. His romantic air echoes the spirit of freedom of a young Berlioz or Hugo with an added flash of humour in his eye and a breezy smile. His music, however, is directly linked to the racy elegance of Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn and Count Basie. It’s no accident that his 2008 album “Automne 08” features a version of “Prelude to a Kiss” by the Duke. But Pascal is not stuck in the sophisticated thirties. His piano playing also embraces musical touches from Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane and he readily listens to Jarrett and Mehldau. Influences, not strict models.

Pascal Mohy learnt the classical language, and then breathed in jazz at about the age of 14, first with Benoît Sourssie and then with Eric Legnini. It’s all about groove, swing and pulses. Jazz flows in his veins.




Jazz Station   –   Site internet
Chaussée de Louvain, 193A
(org. Les Lundis d’Hortense)
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