Laurent Doumont Soul Quartet

Laurent Doumont (Sax. Vocals), Vincent Bruyninckx (piano), Sal La Rocca,  (bass), Lionel Beuvens (Drums).

Laurent Doumont and his soul jazz acoustic quartet explore his own compositions as well as a few soul standards, mainly from their « Papa Soul Talkin’ » album. The audience will be brought into a New Orleans atmosphere, where energetic funk influences alternate with plain deep bluesy ballads.

CD: Papa Soul Talkin’ (Soul Embassy – November 2012)

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laurent doumont


Les Lundis d’Hortense

An association of musicians working to promote and spread knowledge in the cultural sector of the Belgian jazz.

In Belgium the not for profit organisation Les Lundis d’Hortense is considered as a chosen spokesman for the public authorities. In fact the association is subsidised by the Ministry of Culture for Belgium’s French community. For those who wonder where the association’s unlikely name came from, the story is that it comes from the fact that the founders of the association used to hold their meetings on Mondays in a villa outside Brussels which had the pretty name of “Villa Hortense”.

The Team

You will find the composition of our Board of Directors in the section ‘ Practical Information‘.


The association Les Lundis d’Hortense was founded in 1976 by a group of musicians who could not be classified either as classical musicians or as purely commercial musicians. As the majority of musicians in this group were jazz musicians, the association has been clearly centred around jazz since the 80s. It has developed over the years and undergone various changes, particularly in regard to its activities, before arriving at its current form.

Jazz Tour

The must tours of belgian jazz with an annual programming of nine anthologies.

From year to year, the Jazz Tour grows bigger and livelier with more and more partners and concerts.

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