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Igloo-Records & el Negocito Records
Sal La Rocca (double Bass), Pascal Mohy (piano & Wurlitzer), Jeroen Van Herzeele (tenor. Sax), Lieven Venken (drums), Phil Abraham (trombone-only tracks 6 & 7 )
Album Description : This new quartet is a particulary tight encounter between Jeroen, Pascal and Lieven, musicians that i have enjoyed for a long time because of their sincerity as both people and in their music. The album expresses an opening towards a new sound by choosing to associate the wurlitzer and the piano, coupled with Jeroen’s sax. This gives it an unexpected dimension… – Igloo Records & el Negocito Records Labels REF : Release 09/11/2018







Sal La Rocca (doublebass), Lorenzo Di Maio (guitar), Pascal Mohy (piano), and Hans Van Oosterhout (drums), with importantly guest Jacques Schwarz-Bart (tenor sax).
«This recording session was the opportunity for me to discover the composer and exceptional leader that Sal is. The experience was a pure joy for me. It’s one of the records I’m most proud of.» Jacques Schwarz-Bart…Coming from a musician like Jacques Schwartz-Bart, this sort of comment is worth its weight in peanuts. Salted, needless to say. As Jacques would say about La Rocca’s writing style, “that’s it”. A singular album that sounds like a plural and that can be conjugated in the past, present and future; a contemporary jazz record that reads like a travel book.- Igloo Records / Artist Page






Sony Music Records  Pop 2015
The Vaya Con Dios farewell tour is still etched in collective memory but apparently it’s something in the blood – As Dani Klein threw herself into Billy Holiday’s rich oeuvre right afterwards, along with three renowned jazz musicians – contrabass player Sal La Rocca, pianist William Lecomte and trumpet player Tim De Jonghe. That will now result in the album ‘Dani sings Billie’ later in the year, whereby it is obvious that she has chosen the lesser-told side of the Lady Day story – cheerful and up-tempo. Meanwhile, we’ve seen this group at work during the Radio 1 program ‘Billie Holiday at the Roxy’ and were seriously impressed !
Boogie Productions sprl & Bass-Alive scri, Exclusively Lincenced To Sony Music Entertainment Belgium NV/SA.

















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