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“SHIFTED”  Sal La Rocca | AAJ | Review
By James Fleming Dec 12, 2018 | AAJ Reviews
“The saxophone lines snake out of the speakers, rustling the airwaves like a breeze through firs or singing with all the lyricism of the finest vocalist. The dble bass’s hardwood lays a strong foundation. The electricity of the Wurlitzer growls atop that age-old sound, like a lightning storm rolling over treetops. Sal La Rocca’s Shifted melds the gentleness of a forest with all the freedom of its animals. The sounds can roam uninhibited and wild. But they all play a part in creating the music’s natural beauty. Each creature as vital as the next. Shifted’s music springs from the well of spiritual jazz. Saxophonist J. van Herzeele occupies the space between Ornette Coleman and Sonny Rollins—between…(…)”


By Martin Longley
Live from Brussels (March 1, 2019)
“One of Belgium’s principle players and band leaders is bassman Sal La Rocca, and January found him touring throughout the country, concentrating on the music of Shifted, his most recent album on Igloo Records. Sal La Rocca’s regular quartet also features reedsman Jeroen van Herzeele (another prominent Brussels player), Pascal Mohy (Piano & Wurlitzer) and Lieven Venken (drums). The agreed concept involves a fifty-fifty split between members with Flemish and Walloon roots (Dutch and French-speaking), as well as a similar recipe that springs from backgrounds that are vaguely ‘mainline’ and ‘experimental,’ though the two-and-two ratio demarcations have clearly become hazy after their time working together.” – All About Jazz.


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