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March 2 ⎜SLR 5 @ The Sounds (BE)

March 2⎜SLR 5 @ The Sounds Jazz Club March 2, 2024 @ 9 pm march     Phil Abraham (tb); Steven Delannoye (t. sax); Igor gehenot (pn); Umberto Odone (drs) & Sal La Rocca (d. bass). THE BASS PLAYER IS A PILLAR OF THE BELGIAN JAZZ SCENE SINCE THE EARLY 80’s, HE SHARED THE STAGE WITH

July 8⎜Heptone Colours @ Heptone Jazz Club

July 8⎜Heptone Colours Heptone Jazz Club / 5 pm July   July Olivier Collette (piano and arrangements), Toine Thys (bass clarinet, tenor and soprano sax), Bart Defoort (tenor sax), Philippe Laloy (flutes, alto and soprano sax), Eliott Knuets (guitar), Sal La Rocca (double bass) & Bilou Doneux (drums).   About EN : Heptone Colors has

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