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SLR 5 New Band EX + @ Marni Jazz Festival

SLR 5 New Band EX + Eliott Knuets (BE) Marni Jazz Festival : September 14, 2023 • 8:00 PM • 90′ SLR 5 NEW   SLR 5 NEW   FR : C’est à un des piliers du jazz belge, un des meilleurs contrebassistes du pays qu’il revenait d’ouvrir le festival. Autodidacte, homme de scène, il a

Tribute to Wes Montgomery

Tribute to Wes Montgomery Featuring Eliott Knuets @ Music Village Jazz Club tribute to    tribute to Eliott Knuets (guitar), Pascal Mohy (piano), Sal La Rocca (bass) & Mimi Verderame (drums).   About Eliott Knuets This 18 year old Belgian guitarist started playing guitar at the age of 6. Initially immersed in the musical world

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