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Maison Flagey Invites SLR 5 New Band EX

Maison Flagey⎜SLR 5 Thursday February 9, 2023 – 8:00 pm maison maison Sal La Rocca (d.bass), Phil Abraham (trombone), Maayan Smith (t.sax), Igor Gehenot (piano) & Umberto Odone (drums). Sal La Rocca never ceases to surprise us. After the hit album “Shifted”, the Sicilian-born double bass player returns with a new and profoundly different project.

SLR 5 New Band EX by Samsa Music

SLR 5 is represented by Samsa Music slr 5   slr 5 About Sal La Rocca, double bass player of Sicilian origin returns with a new, profoundly different project. We find there in quintet version, a brand new line-up with Mayaan Smith on tenor sax and Umberto Odone on drums. Two musicians freshly arrived in Brussels,

L’AN VERT Invites SLR5 New Band EX

L’An Vert (BE) Saturday January 21, 2023 L’an vert   L’an Vert A sneak peek at bassist Sal La Rocca’s new band, SLR 5, and their upcoming release “JOKER” With – Maayan Smith (t.sax) – Phil Abraham (trombone) – Igor Gehenot (piano) – Umberto Odone (drums)…Sal La Rocca, one Belgium’s finest bass players with an illustrious

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