Book Now ⎜SLR 5 @ The Music Village (BE)

Book Now ⎜SLR 5 @ The M.V. Jazz Club

June 22 @ 8:30 pm

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Phil Abraham (tb), Steven Delannoye (t. & s. sax), Igor Gehenot (pn), Sal La Rocca (d. bass) & Umberto Odone (drums)
Sal La Rocca is a major bassist of the Belgian and European scene. He is the guardian of actual hard bop and post bop, solid and strong. He’s a protector of a mainstream jazz that knows how to reinvent itself, look forward and jostle with the ordinary while respecting fundamentals. Alongside his old accomplice Phil Abraham at the trombone, he’s gathered a new guard of spirited and talented jazz musicians. Nothing beats this ensemble in blowing up an already energetic music, and melodies full of sensitivity. On stage, the incandescent saxophonist Steven Delannoye responds to the attacks of pianist Igor Gehenot, while, behind his ‘barrels,’ Umberto Odone beats skins and cymbals. It’s incredible! Sal’s jazz is pleasure in its purest form: good mood that travels along the stage and spills into the audience. It’s a jazz slightly tainted by Latin or Caribbean choruses, but also a jazz full of demands (it remains a music born out of struggles) turned towards optimism. If you don’t like this kind of jazz, then you don’t like life. You’re welcome.






About The Music Village


The Music Village is the premier jazz club in Brussels located in the historic heart of the Belgian capital next to the famous Grand Place. It features live music six days a week, from Tuesday through Sunday, all year long, with more than 300 live concerts per year.
In particular, The Music Village is renowned worldwide because it attracts not only jazz lovers but also an even wider popular audience. What’s more, the club’s hospitality is warm, comfortable and international.
Top musicians from Belgium, Europe and around the world perform passionately in the club’s 100-seat setting that is acoustically and artistically optimal.
Musicians and audiences come together intimately through mutual enjoyment of jazz and genres of jazz. The Music Village suits a variety of musical tastes such as jazz fusion, Afro, Brazilian, Cuban and gypsy jazz, as well as blues, rhythm & blues, New Orleans and funk, among other world music.
Since opening in 2000, The Music Village has hosted more than 4,000 live concerts, including a long list of legendary musical and recording artists. It has further entertained over 200,000 guests from more than 105 countries. This international jazz club, which has earned a highly respected reputation, is officially recognized in Brussels as a major cultural venue. It is also acclaimed as one of “the top 3” jazz clubs in Europe by CNN Travel. For more than 15 years, The Music Village welcomes young jazz musicians and singers to its stage and continues to support their artistic development.
Every Tuesday of the year, The Music Village features a Jazz Jam for young local and international musicians. Every Wednesday, all year long, the club provides Carte Blanche to a rising star on the Belgian and international jazz scene. In addition, the club allows free entrance. It further facilitates a wide audience to connect with young up-and-coming jazz talent as they showcase their creative energy and innovation in a world-class performance venue.
The Music Village, founded by Paul Huygens who passed a few years ago, is a splendid old fashioned Jazz Club. Paul’s wife Lucie Saeys continues to grow the club’s reputation as one of the world’s foremost jazz clubs attracting music audiences of all ages 52 weeks a year. Guests enjoy outstanding entertainment enhanced by a Belgian flavors menu and a great bar.














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