Info: Dani KLEIN se met au JAZZ

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Info: Dani Klein se met au jazz – RTBf video


The Vaya Con Dios farewell tour is still etched in collective memory but apparently it’s something in the blood – as Dani Klein threw herself into Billy Holiday’s rich oeuvre right afterwards, along with three renowned jazz musicians – contrabass player Sal La Rocca, pianist William Lecomte and trumpet player Tim De Jonghe.
That will now result in the album ‘Dani sings Billie’ later in the year, whereby it is obvious that she has chosen the lesser-told side of the Lady Day story – cheerful and up-tempo. Meanwhile, we’ve seen this group at work during the Radio 1 program ‘Billie Holiday at the Roxy’ and were seriously impressed!


About Billie Holiday : one of the most unique voices to ever come forth from the jazz world – would have turned 100 this year. AB celebrates this abundantly, of course! In the spring it was the turn of New York’s José James, who came to present his Blue Note album and Lady Day tribute ‘Yesterday I Had The Blues’ to a sold-out house. In autumn our very own Dani Klein will shine her light on the work of Billie Holiday.


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