Jazz en mode “confinement” 21 – RTBF – Jazz in confinement mode 21

FR: Jazz en mode “confinement” 21 : RTBF

EN: Jazz in “confinement mode” 21 : RTBF



FR: Jazz en mode “confinement” 21 – RTBF : Petit coup d’oeil et surtout d’oreille chez quelques musiciens de jazz, eux aussi en mode “confinement” (18ème partie). Arnaud Quittelier : Publié le mercredi 10 juin 2020 à 16h30


EN: Jazz in “confinement mode” 21 – RTBF : Small glance and especially of ear with some jazz musicians, also in “confinement” mode (18th part). Arnaud Quittelier: Posted on Wednesday June 10, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.



Sal La Rocca is one of Belgium’s most in-demand double bassists.
He has played alongside Toots THIELEMANS, Philip CATHERINE, Steve GROSSMAN, Lee KONITZ…After a stint with rock playing guitar, at age 23, he discovers jazz in the early 80’s and switches to double bass which he intensively explores on his own, taking as a model Paul CHAMBERS. Sal has released two albums under his own name, such as Latinea (2003) and It Could Be The End (2012) with : Lorenzo DI MAIO (gt.), Pascal MOHY (p) and Hans van OOSTERHOUT (drs) featuring : Jacques SCHWARZ-BART* (t. sax) on the IGLOO label.
SHIFTED (Nov 2018), with : Jeroen van Herzeele (t. & s. sax), Pascal Mohy (piano & Wurlitzer) & Lieven Venken (drums) on IGLOO RECORDS & EL NEGOCITO RECORDS labels. Igloo Records/Artist
Ex-Member of Vaya Con Dios feat. Dani KLEIN, Denise KING (US) quartet, Terramondo quartet,  Phil  ABRAHAM quartet,  Laurent DOUMONT Trio V.O., Sabin Todorov trio, Rv Caparros Band,  Ingrid Nomad…


Musicians with whom Sal played
Harold LAND, Jack VAN POLL, John ENGELS, Andre CECCARELLI, Ch. HIRSON, Bert JORIS, Jiggs WIGHAM, Steve GROSSMAN, Nico MENCI, Dave TURNER, Michel GRAILLIER, David LINX, Sheila JORDAN, Deborah BROWN, Mark MURPHY, Salvatore BONAFEDE, Lee KONITZ, Ada ROVATTI, Gordon BECK, Sangoma EVEREST, Stanley JORDAN, Anne DUCROS, Charlie MARIANO, Roni BEN-HUR, Bob MOOVER, , Randy BRECKER, Bob FRANCESCHINI, Richie BEIRACH, Scott HAMILTON, Didier LOCKWOOD, Tony LAKATOS, Roby LAKATOS, Bobby DURHAM, Steve WILLIAMS, Dani KLEIN, Olivier HUTMAN, Denise KING, Jacques SCHWARZ-BART, William LECOMTE, Pierrick PEDRON, Alvin QUEEN, Baptiste TROTIGNON, Sylvain BEUF, Sun Ra ARKESTRA Featuring Marshall ALLEN etc…  DC Bebop






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