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Manuel Dunkel 4tet⎜Belgian Tour

Manuel Dunkel 4tet⎜Belgian Tour 2024 manuel   manuel       About Manuel Dunkel (tenor saxophone), Alexi Tuomarila (piano), Sal La Rocca (bass), Lionel Beuvens (drums) One of the most regarded saxophonist from Finland with an excellent rhythm section plays beautiful jazz standards in post bop style. These experienced musicians from Finland and Belgium will provide

Les Lundis D’Hortense Jazz Tour⎜SLR 5

Les Lundis D’Hortense Jazz Tour 2023 SLR 5 New Band EX Les Lundis   Les Lundis   Tour Dates Wed. 01.11.23 – 20:30 – Brussels Fri. 03.11.23 – 20:30 – Mazy Wed. 08.11.23 – 20:45 – Lasne Fri. 10.11.23 – 20:00 – Rossignol Fri. 17.11.23 – 20:30 – Eupen Sat. 18.11.23 – 20:00 – Mouscron  


Tour Dates⎜SLR 5 New Band EX     Tour Dates : Get updates on new shows, music, and more tour     About SLR 5⎜New Band EX A sneak peek at bassist Sal La Rocca’s new band, SLR 5, and their upcoming release Joker with Maayan Smith (tenor sax), Phil Abraham (trombone), Igor Gehenot (piano) and


Ingrid NOMAD Presents “Let’s Go Outside” Ingrid Nomad⎜Mexico Tour 2020     About Ingrid Nomad Ingrid Nomad, a great Belgian singer whose music bridges a gap between pop and jazz with pure emotion and a story to tell, she certainly knows how to reach a broad audience and brings in jazz notables with an outstanding

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