First Album “Heptone Colours”

First album release of “Heptone Colours”

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  • Released : 10/02/2023
  • Recorded : 31/10/22 et 01/11/22
  • Supports : CD, digital
  • Sound engineer : Pascal Snoeck
  • Label : Heptone






Olivier Collette (piano and arrangements), Toine Thys (bass clarinet, tenor and soprano sax), Maayan Smith (tenor sax), Philippe Laloy (flutes, alto and soprano sax), Eliott Knuets (guitar), Sal La Rocca (double bass) & Bilou Doneux (drums).




EN : Heptone Colors has become the emblematic group of the jazz club in Ittre called “Heptone”. It is above all a love story between the 49-year-old uncle (Olivier) and his 18-year-old nephew (Eliott), between the musicians, friends almost 30 years old for some…but above all their common love for jazz and their pleasure in sharing it with us. Varied and eclectic program with John Coltrane, Jaco Pastorius, Paul Mc Cartney, Jimi Hendrix,…


FR : Heptone Colours est devenu le groupe emblématique du club de jazz à Ittre baptisé « Heptone ». C’est avant-tout une histoire d’amour entre l’oncle de 49 ans (Olivier) et son neveu de 18 ans (Eliott), entre les musiciens, des amis de presque 30 ans pour certains…mais surtout leur amour commun pour le jazz et leur plaisir de nous le partager. Programme varié et éclectique avec John Coltrane, Jaco Pastorius, Paul Mc Cartney, Jimi Hendrix,…


NL : Heptone Colors is uitgegroeid tot de emblematische groep van de jazzclub in Ittre genaamd “Heptone”. Het is vooral een liefdesverhaal tussen de 49-jarige oom (Olivier) en zijn 18-jarige neef (Eliott), tussen de muzikanten, vrienden van bijna 30 jaar oud voor sommigen… maar vooral hun gemeenschappelijke liefde voor jazz en hun plezier om het met ons te delen. Gevarieerd en eclectisch programma met John Coltrane, Jaco Pastorius, Paul Mc Cartney, Jimi Hendrix,…




« Heptone Colours » Heptone (2023)




About Heptone Jazz Club



The Heptone is a performance hall located in the centre of the village of Ittre, about half an hour from Brussels by car. This venue can accommodate a few hundred people. The Heptone can be rented for your events. “Heptone” is an imaginary 7-letter name inspired by Greek (“hepta”=7) and English (“tone” = tone or tonality). It also means “uptown”, the address of the place being 7, rue Haute 1460 Ittre. The 7 notes of music, the 7 colours of the rainbow, the 7 days of the week, etc… The ASBL HEPTONE organises concerts every Sunday except during the school holidays.









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