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About SLR 5⎜New Band EX

A sneak peek at bassist Sal La Rocca’s new band, SLR 5, and their upcoming release Joker with Maayan Smith (tenor sax), Phil Abraham (trombone), Igor Gehenot (piano) and Noam Israeli (drums). Sal La Rocca, one Belgium‘s 🇧🇪 finest bass players with an illustrious career behind (and ahead) of him, is surrounding himself with young talent for this new exciting quintet. All new material and adventurous group interplay is on the menu !


SLR 5⎜Live review
Jazzques : avril 12, 2022 – Par Jacques Prouvost.
Comme un quitte ou double, Sal La Rocca joue son Joker. Et il y met tout son cœur (comme d’habitude). Il ne calcule pas, il joue la musique qu’il aime et qu’il a toujours aimé, celle qui vit en lui depuis des années. Un jazz hard bop ou post bop, un jazz qui a des cojones. Une musique qui emballe tout de suite, qui emmène, qui emporte. Sal connaît les bonnes recettes et sait s’entourer. Il a réuni une belle équipe, très soudée, autour de lui : Igor Gehenot au piano, Noam Israeli aux drums, Maayan Smith au ténor et Phil Abraham au trombone…(more).  Publié par Jazzques.


SLR 5 | Jazz Station | Review
Sal La Rocca – double bass / Maayan Smith – tenor saxophone / Phil Abraham – trombone / Igor Gehenot – piano / Noam Israeli – drums
Sal La Rocca never ceases to surprise us. After the hit album “Shifted”, the Sicilian-born double bass player returns with a new and profoundly different project. There is a quintet version of a brand new line-up with Maayan Smith on tenor sax and Noam Israeli on drums. Two Israeli musicians newly arrived in Brussels, whom Sal met during a jam, and whose ardor and energy quickly seduced. On the piano, it is the incomparable Igor Gehenot whose percussive sound tinged with Caribbean tones gives a warm and welcoming music. Phil Abraham, who collaborated on Sal’s latest album, enters the band with beautiful textures highlighting the compositions of Sal La Rocca. These sound groovy, resolutely optimistic. They make you think of the sea, the beach, make you want to dance, hug, laugh … It feels great at the time when these few words are written







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