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Tournai Jazz Fest. 2022⎜SLR 5 New Band EX

tournai jazz Tournai Jazz Fest. 2022 W-end 1 – Part 1 10 ans ! On a mis les petits plats dans les grands.   Geoffrey Bernard a profité de vacances forcées par cette maudite pandémie pour imaginer une infrastructure innovante et spectaculaire afin de fêter dignement l’anniversaire du Tournai Jazz Festival. Empêché d’utiliser l’habituelle Halle Aux

Flickr by © ZI OWL

Flickr : By © Zi Owl flickr flickr flickr FLickr⎜SLR 5 New Band EX   Flickr : © Olivier Lestoquoit, 2022. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. No reproduction or re-use without prior permission. flickr   About SLR 5⎜New Band EX A sneak peek at bassist Sal La Rocca’s new band, SLR 5, and their

SLR 5, featuring Stéphane BELMONDO

SLR 5⎜Tournai Jazz Festival 2022 slr 5     SLR 5 feat. Stéphane Belmondo Friday April 29, 2022 – 6:30 pm   SLR 5 : Sal La Rocca never ceases to surprise us. After the hit album “Shifted”, the Sicilian-born double bass player returns with a new and profoundly different project. There is a quintet

PHIL ABRAHAM 4tet @ Tournai Jazz Fest. 2018

Phil Abraham Quartet Tournai Jazz Festival 2018 Thu, February 1, 2018 6:30 pm About : After studying the classical piano, the guitar and harmony, Phil Abraham was seduced by jazz and the trombone, on which he is self-taught. His stylistic evolution is parallel to the history of jazz, and even if he is a modern


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SLR5 feat. Stéphane Belmondo live at Tournai Jazz Festival

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