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Tour Dates⎜SLR 5 New Band EX     Tour Dates : Get updates on new shows, music, and more tour     About SLR 5⎜New Band EX A sneak peek at bassist Sal La Rocca’s new band, SLR 5, and their upcoming release Joker with Maayan Smith (tenor sax), Phil Abraham (trombone), Igor Gehenot (piano) and

Jacques Prouvost’s Review⎜SLR5

jacqu Jacques Prouvost⎜Jazzques Mag       Le “petit papier” sur SLR5     Jacques Prouvost ⎜Jazzques Review SLR 5 live concert at Sounds Comme un quitte ou double, Sal La Rocca joue son Joker. Et il y met tout son cœur (comme d’habitude). Il ne calcule pas, il joue la musique qu’il aime et

SLR 5, featuring Stéphane BELMONDO

SLR 5⎜Tournai Jazz Festival 2022 slr 5     SLR 5 feat. Stéphane Belmondo Friday April 29, 2022 – 6:30 pm   SLR 5 : Sal La Rocca never ceases to surprise us. After the hit album “Shifted”, the Sicilian-born double bass player returns with a new and profoundly different project. There is a quintet

Sounds Jazz Club / SLR 5

Sounds Jazz Club Invite SLR 5 01 Apr. 2022 – 20:30   Sal La Rocca (dbass) ; Phil Abraham (trombone) ; Mayaan Smith (t.sax) ; Igor Gehenot (piano) ; Noam Israeli (Drums) ONE OF THE SOUNDS LEGEND, BACK AT THE CLUB WITH HIS NEW PROJECT! Modern Jazz / Post Bop / Must see   About

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SLR 5 New Band EX⎜LIVE

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