TINA Tour (Théâtre D’un Jour)


TINA questions the need for change for all of us.

tina tina tina

TINA is a musical tragedy over the theme of repetitions in our lives, in history and on stage. Transdisciplinary piece bringing together eight artists: 5 circassians, a soul singer and a jazz duo.
Isn’t the real change to be able to renew oneself constantly, to “jump” out of the habit? How can we renew ourselves again when the passing of time pushes us to “function”?
TINA relies on original poetic writing as well as jazz music – the art of repetition and deconstruction.
This spectacle is a tragedy, the tragedy of our world populated by murderers. But the murderers are not always the ones we believe. The murderers, contrary to what one might think, are those who remain in line, who follow the usual course of the world, who repeat and start their lives again as they are.
What do they murder?
The possible.
Everything that could begin, break, change…In the 90’s Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan impose capitalism as the only way: There Is No Alternative (T.I.N.A.)!
Thirty years later we can only deplore the failure of this globalist policy and claim the need for change.
TINA opens and closes with this magnificent song by Nina Simone, Everything Must Change, declined throughout the show by three musicians who shift reality, while 5 circus performers strive to transform the possible with a few pieces of wood illustrating our destroyed forests or an iron cube suggesting our mental prisons.
“Carrying the voice” remains more than ever at the heart of T1J’s concerns, with music and bodies as vehicles. TINA is a Rock Poem
Because the future is not what will happen to us, but what we will do…



Next dates of diffusion

10 November 2022: Centre culturel de Bertrix (BE)
9 December 2022: Maison de la Culture Famenne-Ardenne (BE)
10 December 2022: Delta (Namur BE)
14, 15 et 16 December 2022: Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg – Scène européenne (FR)
18 December 2022: Le théâtre de Cachan – Jacques Carat (FR)
20 December 2022: Centre culturel de Huy (BE)
21 December 2022: Centre culturel de Ciney (BE)




Singer : Tamara Geerts – Musicians : Sal La Rocca, Laurent Stelleman – Circassians : Marieke Thijssen, César Mispelon , David Mupanda, Julius Bitterling, Wilko Schütz – Magie nouvelle : Ralf Nonn – Scenographer: Johan Daenen – Sound engineer: Jean-François Lejeune – Lighting designer and lighting management : John Cooper – Author and director : Patrick Masset – Technical direction : Thomas Dobruszkes – Costume designer: Gaëlle Marras – Photographer : Fred Limbrée Boermans.







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