JOKER⎜Sal La Rocca Presents His Brand New Band

JOKER⎜SLR 5 JOKER : Sal La Rocca Presents His Brand New Band  For the next studio recording of an upcoming album   JOKER  SLR 5   Video & Editing by GIGUE Sound ingineer : Pascale Snoeks Sal La Rocca New Quintet Maayan Smith (t.sax), Phil Abraham (trombone), Igor Gehenot (piano), Noam Israeli (drums),  Sal La


HOME GARAGEBAND⎜SAL LA ROCCA⎜PLAYLIST   #Home GarageBand 2020 Sal La Rocca  Home Music & Arr. by © Sal La Rocca besides About Sal La Rocca Sal La Rocca – Initially briefly interested in guitar rock,  he discovered the jazz genre in the early 1980s. Sal traded the guitar for the bass and taught himself the

SABIN TODOROV Trio “Archaeology” Teaser – 💥NEW💥

Sabin Todorov Trio “Archaeology”  Teaser IGLOO RECORDS Production 📀  Sabin Todorov Trio “Archaeology” Release 17/04/2020 Sabin Todorov piano, compositions Lionel Beuvens drums Sal La Rocca doublebass Bulgarian Pianist Sabin Todorov is releasing a third one as a trio. “Archaeology”, a metaphor for the inner journey, takes us into the poetic world of the pianist